Study and Concentration Strategies

Study and Concentration Strategies

What exactly should you be doing during your study time?

Read, Recall, Reflect and Review!

  1. Establish a regular study routine and attend classes.
  2. Know your instructor.
  3. Be realistic.
  4. Study short and often and set a specific goal for each subject you study.
  5. Start assignments as soon as they are given.
  6. Study your most difficult subjects first.
  7. Review your notes regularly and recite outloud what you have learned.
  8. Block distracting apps from your devices.
  9. Compliment your notes with Google searches.
  10. Having portable study space allows you to move with your material in hand.  Take advantage of Cloud applications (Dropbox, OneDrive and Google).
  11. Don’t stay up all night before an exam. Your brain needs time to process and relax before an exam.  Take a bath, relax, and reward yourself.  Get up early and review your notes before the exam.
  12. Study groups work well if you attend them and collaborate on the subject matter.
  13. When you complete one of the goals you set for yourself, give yourself a reward. The reward system gives you an incentive to reach your goals, and a pat on the back for achieving them.
  14. Mapping tool helps connect information together.
  15. Design a study schedule for studying difficult topics during the semester.
1st review Same day (reduce to key words)
2nd review Later the same week
3rd review 1 week later
4th review 2-3 weeks later
5th review Monthly

You’ll retain up to 80% of the course material in your long-term memory.

-Sandra L. Leggett

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