Working from Home Can Happen Anywhere

Working from Home Can Happen Anywhere

Are you among the legions of people who work from home? Telecommuters, self-employed, entrepreneurs, self-starters, you are a growing demographic of workers who roll out of bed and into your home office or onto your dining room table laptop. You wear all kinds of attire to the job, from birthday suit to business suit and everything in-between. Sometimes you don’t even work from home—instead, you take it on the road. I recently had a meeting in a park right across the street from a downtown highrise office building because no conference rooms were available for my client. A bright sunny breezy day, this meeting was inspiring! Working in a different space is a great idea because:

  • You leave your comfort zone and thus your creativity can blossom because your environment is new and different. A different atmosphere with its own vibe can entice you to think outside the box and develop all kinds of unique ideas.
  • You may meet people with whom to network and grow your business –other home workers, students, retirees, and we all know the value of networking!
  • You can change things up by changing your environment–try a new café, community work space, outdoor terrace, or library each time.
  • You can avoid the possible distractions of home: laundry, drop-in visitors who think you don’t work, phone calls from those same visitors, the refrigerator (You know what these are!).

A change of scenery is simply good for you and for your productivity—it is refreshing. Changing work venues helps keep working from home, interesting and dynamic. So next time you’re tempted to roll out of bed and into the next room, keep on rolling to any myriad of local spaces and places. Let your next tale be: “A funny thing happened at the office today…”.

-Kelly L. Howarth

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