Prepping your Learners for an Evaluation using Post-its (in-class activity)

Prepping your Learners for an Evaluation using Post-its (in-class activity)

Preparing for an exam is never an easy task for learners. Strategic learners tend to ply as much information as they can from the instructor, while the others types of learners resort to their own methods for studying. To facilitate preparation for an exam, it is important to engage the whole class in the construction of knowledge. How can this be achieved?

Simply start with writing up the exam and work backwards. Once you have produced your evaluation, carefully guide the students towards the material best suited for them to study. Then engage the group to produce a visual representation of the subject matter on a wall using Post-its. Each Post-it should contain keyword(s) and a brief explanations. Ideally, 2 – 3 groups max. Once each group has produced a schema, have them circulate and study what others have done. This opens the door to discussion and facilitates peer-learning.  If the information is incorrect, prompt the students to research and re-examine the data. Give the students time to compile their work and study it.

It’s your call whether you leave the material on the wall or not during the exam.

-Sandra Leggett

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