Study Smart with Flashcards

Study Smart with Flashcards

Do you ever find yourself having to digest so much information for weekly quizzes? Then consider using the technique of creating flashcards. Yes, you read that right: flashcards, those little cards we used as children to learn words and math!

Here’s how to digest your study material onto index cards:

  • Get a pack of 3×5 or 4×6 index cards at your local Dollar or office supplies store–use colors for different content
  • Write the question on one side and the answer on the other–don’t overload the card
  • Create as many cards as you need, always breaking the material down into small bits and bites that are easily remembered
  • Carry the cards with you everywhere–on the bus, while waiting in lines, of to use during downtime
  • Ask yourself the question and then recite your answer before turning the card over to verify your right answer!
  • Take the card out of your deck once you have memorized the material–you know it!

The beauty of the flashcards technique lies first in the note-taking while putting information onto the cards. Then second, in using these cards to test and retest your knowledge. Remember: we tend to study and over study what we know. This is comforting. Once you get to the hard questions and you know that you can recall them, you’ll feel confident in your material. Learn to study smarter, not harder!

-Kelly L. Howarth

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