Why Mentoring Matters

Why Mentoring Matters

A good mentor teaches you to fly then steps back so you can soar. Mentors are people with a vested interest in your success. They apply and demonstrate their experience, knowledge and skills to help the mentee learn and grow in their own role. They seamlessly share their background in a safe and non-judgmental way that helps you to turn your mistakes into opportunities for learning. Have you ever had a mentor at school or in the workplace? Here are key qualities of a mentor-mentee relationship and why you need to have one:

  • You’re new at your job or organization, and a mentor can help you to integrate and apply your own knowledge to this new context
  • You’re looking to move up to the next level, and a mentor can scaffold you there
  • You enjoy the team dynamic, and a mentor can provide that extra support and team playing around brainstorming and developing creative ideas
  • You simply want to thrive and grow in your own skills and knowledge, and a mentor can keep you accountable


A mentor is…

  • Someone whom you trust
  • Generous in sharing their knowledge and experience
  • A good listener able to feedback to you, your thoughts, opinions and ideas so that you can test them out in a safe way
  • Respectful of your confidentiality
  • A team player
  • Gentle, yet firmly assertive in giving constructive feedback
  • Available and reliable

A good mentor helps us to achieve our goals and when we achieve our goals, we thrive. We thrive when we matter, and a good mentor helps us matter!

-Kelly L. Howarth

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