Do these ten things for your next job interview

Do these ten things for your next job interview

Job interviews are as scary as they are tough. Most of the fear and worry is in our mind. Think of the job interview as a two-way exchange whereby you’re getting to know the company as much as they are getting to know you.

Here are some helpful tips for a great job interview:

  1. Be on time, if not 5-10 minutes early – this shows your interest and your punctuality for the job.
  2. Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake – avoid bone-crushing and wet or limp handshakes.
  3. Be friendly and maintain eye contact – we trust people who look us in the eye and we engage with people who are friendly and interested.
  4. Body language speaks louder than words – mind your body: posture, gestures, facial expressions and appearance. Ensure good grooming and professional dress.
  5. Ask questions – about the job, about the team, about the environment (but never about salary unless the interviewer mentions this first). In fact, prepare your questions before the interview.
  6. Know about the company – the Internet makes researching a company fast and simple. Do it because you create choices by learning if this company is one where you want to spend so many waking hours a day!
  7. Remember that all questions (and hence your answers) lead to one road: showing how you can help the company solve a problem they have by hiring you – so always, ALWAYS talk up your relevant experience, background, education and skills. Leave personal stories, details and information out of the discussion.
  8. Be honest and open, but don’t shoot your own foot – the interviewer wants to hear about your best self. Please don’t rat on yourself, even when asked about your weaknesses, keep it positive by explaining a possible area for improvement and how you’re working to improve it.
  9. Know three of your strengths and be prepared to share these – relate them to what they are looking for in an ideal candidate and to the job for which you’re applying.
  10. Before leaving, ask about the next steps, if they are seeing other candidates and what your chances are of being hired – interviewers like to see a go-getter attitude.


And relax. If this is the job for you, you’ll get it. If not, the right job is out there awaiting you! Try to get as many interviews as you can so that you gain valuable job interview experience. Keep positive and open to all possibilities. No go out and give your best interview ever!

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