Read Aloud – Why? What’s wrong with my essay?

Read Aloud – Why? What’s wrong with my essay?

Producing written work is often a difficult task for most people. Getting your words on paper requires more than just time and hard work–your paper has to have a flow. Often when we write we tend to keep it all inside our head and punch away at the keyboard. Miraculously, pages begin to appear, and as you near the final entry of your masterpiece, you begin to feel excited about your production. Next you run a spellcheck, give it one more read through and you’re done! Not exactly! The spellcheck often misses grammar and punctuation. Sometimes we spell the words right, but there’s a (s) missing at the end or we forget a word altogether.

Here’s a tip that’s helped me improve my written content:

Whether you’re using a PC or Mac, this feature is available on both. On a PC it’s called SPEAK. You can easily add this button to your Quick Access Toolbar.

From your Quick Access Toolbar -> Select More Commands. A dialog box opens. From the dropdown menu choose All Commands. Scroll down the list and choose Speak. Click on the Add button to move the icon to the Quick Access Toolbar. A new icon will appear (see yellow arrow).

Quick Access Toolbar

Now open your Word document, select the text you want to have read aloud. Then click on the new button that you’ve just added to the Quick Access Toolbar.  The computer will read your work back to you. As you listen, correct and make the appropriate changes.

Know of another helpful feature that’s made a difference to your writing or work flow? Tell us in the Comments below!

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