Is stuff taking up too much of your physical AND mental real estate?

Is stuff taking up too much of your physical AND mental real estate?

Imagine that you’re moving house…. you don’t want to pack up all that stuff you no longer use so you only take what you absolutely need, want, and love and turf the rest. Yes, you read that right. Unused, unloved and unwanted items should be discarded or donated because they often take up valuable physical AND mental real estate. That dusty souvenir from Aunty So-and-So that we keep in case she comes to visit, that too-tight piece of clothing we may someday grow back into—you know the culprit items. These are the items that occupy most of our headspace while taking up valuable floor space!

Try these handy tips to declutter and purge:

  1. Only keep what you absolutely love, what you absolutely need and want (and will use)!
  2. Take pictures of those souvenirs, children’s artwork, handicrafts and dust-collecting mementos and store these digitally.
  3. Practice one in one out. When you bring something home, get rid of something that’s been hanging around unused.one_page_declutter_checklist-540x763
  4. Deal with items as they come in—keep a recycle box close to the door for those flyers and promotions that lead to paper piles.
  5. Addressing your clothing closet, ask yourself if this is an item you would buy if shopping TODAY. If “no,” out it goes!
  6. Purge only one shelf, drawer or space at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed when facing a whole room.
  7. Find a new home for cherished but unused items—give things away to people you know or who might benefit.
  8. Keep a box in your closet for old clothes and items, and when full, bring it to the car. Make sure it gets dropped off the next time you’re out.
  9. Devote five-ten minutes a day to decluttering, making it a habit.
  10. Be ruthless in dealing with piles of papers, clutter or useless items. And NEVER go back into a bag of discarded items. This may cause you to second-guess yourself and take back your discarded stuff.


Moving house or not, get into the habit of regularly decluttering and purging. Stuff can rob us of our sanity as we become bogged down with guilt and overwhelming feelings. Stuff can stand between us and our loved ones and the relationships we value. Decluttering and purging frees us up to enjoy life. Need more help? Consider registering with, a free site with awesome tips for keeping house rather than letting your house keep you.

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