9 Tips to Remember for your Life’s Journey

9 Tips to Remember for your Life’s Journey

Life is a journey that starts without a road map. Every choice we make, whether it is carefully planned or on the spur of the moment will affect the outcome of the journey. But the journey should not be defined by one change alone. Let’s face it, every day we make many decisions based on the facts at hand. These choices move us forward in life. At times the road can become congested with traffic and the voyage feels terribly long and boring. Trapped in a pattern of repetitive events it seems that all we can do is patiently wait for change to come. Change can mean different things for different people, change can signal something positive or it can truly produce the opposite. We can’t always control change, sometimes it just happens. Think about it, we only exist in the now. Stressing about the past or the future, won’t change it.

For the journey to be a success, remember this:

  1. Nothing lasts forever
  2. Be prepared to deal with the good and the bad moments
  3. Chance comes in limited doses and usually when you least expect it
  4. Choices are always available
  5. Learn to spot emotional predators, they are the ones that slowly pull the life out of you
  6. Keep updating and improving all your skills sets, you never know when you’ll need them
  7. Invisible barriers are what often keep us from fulfilling our dreams
  8. Keep an open mind, it’s not always black or white. Think of it as a kaleidoscope.
  9. Stay positive, even in the bleakest of times. That too shall pass


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