Just do it: say “No”

Just do it: say “No”

“No”: such a small word with so much power. When you get used to saying “yes” all the time, trying to say “no” may feel foreign to you. Some people say “yes” to everything and everyone because they want to please others. Truth is, they end up pleasing everyone but themselves! Saying “yes” to others means saying “no” to yourself.

Although “yes” has a positive connotation most of the time, it can weigh you down like an anchor. Saying “no” can make you feel as light as a feather. Like echoing thunder, this two-letter word packs power. It can break emotional chains, empower you, and even make you feel whole again.

Saying “no” comes second-nature to some people, while others who are selfless and want to rescue the world may equate saying “no” with slapping someone in the face. When you get comfortable using this little word more often, feelings of guilt evaporate into thin air. The word “no” then becomes a clear afternoon following a cloudburst where you feel as fresh as the rain-sprinkled grass.

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