Improve Your Self-Management Skills

Improve Your Self-Management Skills

A bird doesn’t question whether it should fly to move forward; it just flies. This is how the bird survives, a powerful instinct with which we are all born. Unlike the bird, sometimes we get in our own way. How can you get out of your way and control your destiny forward? Improve your self-management skills, those essential skills for thriving and progressing in your life. Learn to manage YOU in order to take responsibility for yourself and your life! Here are some ways to improve your self-management skills:

  1. View every new opportunity as an exciting possibility and new life experience.
  2. If you catch yourself worrying about an upcoming task, go ahead and do it now so that the distraction of it cannot rob you of your momentum.
  3. Finish what you start, even if it takes longer or you must come back to it.
  4. Make the most of wait time! Always have something with you to work on or a book to read when waiting in line, appointments, etc.
  5. Visualize the end of a project, the result, the success and you’ll automatically be driven toward it.
  6. Schedule downtime: a hour for yourself, an evening to play, a weekend off, a vacation away.
  7. Take a few minutes to reflect on your day or better yet, meditate.
  8. Be positive and pleasant always and in everything you do, no matter what.
  9. Reach out to others and cultivate healthy relationships.
  10. Dress up and show up—and be present.
  11. Take regular breaks when working on a project—you will come back fresh and ready to tackle it from another angle.
  12. Believe that you can—see your success.
  13. Praise yourself and reward your efforts.
  14. Be open to new possibilities, places, people and activities.
  15. Sharpen and apply your communication and listening skills.
  16. Stop comparing yourself to others—NOW.
  17. Go the extra mile…and with a smile.
  18. Stop worrying about things beyond your control—you are only wasting time projecting your fears.
  19. View your mistakes as learning opportunities and ask yourself what you will do differently next time.
  20. Do the job right, but do not strive for perfection so that you don’t get bogged down.
  21. Write your ideas/record them so they can be remembered later.
  22. Move your thoughts and ideas into action.
  23. Take responsibility, be accountable and avoid blaming others.
  24. Be in the service of others, give back and seek out opportunities for collaboration.
  25. Appreciate vulnerability in yourself and others and remain compassionate.
  26. Set healthy boundaries–if something doesn’t feel right, express it, and learn to say “no” when you must.
  27. Focus on WHAT you did accomplish rather than what has yet to be done—and leverage that!
  28. When facing adversity, think of ways to keep your power and overcome the challenge.
  29. Live in the moment, be present, and embrace the NOW because that is all you really have and own.
  30. Be your best, live your best—you attract what you are.
  31. If something isn’t working for you, get creative and change your approach.
  32. Strive to learn one new thing every day…and apply it!
  33. Live with intention to make every little thing you do count!

Above all, cultivate an attitude of gratitude—for all that you have, all that you are and all that you can be! Like the bird, aim to not simply fly, but to SOAR!


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