About Us

About Us

Learning–lifelong and life-wide. Pure and simple.  


LearningHacks offers a wide range of services:

  • Educational Consulting
  • Individual, Group & Team Coaching
  • Lunch & Learn Sessions
  • Presentations
  • Workshops


Who we are…


Kelly L. Howarth, M.Ed., PPCC

Life Coach/Transition Partner & Consultant/Facilitator – My passion is empowering people to leverage what they learn about themselves through transition to be more effective in their life. My work with individuals, teams and groups aims at stimulating reflection and setting SMART goals, empowering people towards positive action and lasting change. Visit Kelly’s blog One Word Pundit and visit Kelly on LinkedIn.


Sandra L. Leggett, Dpl. Ed.

Instructor/Technology Trainer & IT Content Specialist  I am passionate about many things, such as: art, design and photography, but what truly inspires me is learning and teaching.  Come visit me – Sandra’s LinkedIn


To learn more, contact us: info@learninghacks.ca